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The Best Range of Tiles Portsmouth Has @ The Tile Tardis Tile Showroom in Waterlooville, Portsmouth

When revitalising your home with a makeover for that fresh new feeling, and certainly when building a new home, choice-of-flooring can be the element truly making it ‘home’. But next up are potentially bewildering issues including cost-of-material, long-term durability, and installation considerations. The seasoned professionals of The Tile Tardis in Waterlooville, Portsmouth help you choose the right luxury hardwood, ceramic tile, engineered bamboo, cork, carpet or carpet tile, vinyl plank or peel-and-stick, or laminate that is best for you with ‘budget-friendly’ always in mind.

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Find Unique Floor Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, Wall Tiles & Kitchen Tiles at Our Tile Shop in Portsmouth

The Tile Tardis Tile Showroom in Waterlooville, Portsmouth displays the widest range of kitchen wall tiles uk, Italian tiles for kitchen, bathroom tiles uk, floor tiles Portsmouth, and natural stone tiles of any tile shops Portsmouth. Working with the experts at the Tile Tardis tiles showroom, you have the luxury of broad and deep choice, plus expertise to avoid common pitfalls walking through the decision process.  So when looking for tiling supplies Portsmouth, tile shops Hampshire or tile shops Waterlooville, be kind to yourself and keep it simple: Find the special combination of unique floor tiles, kitchen tiles uk, or bathrooms tiles that are right for you at our tile shop Portsmouth. Contact us!

Searching for the Best Bathroom Floor Tile Shops In Portsmouth?

The best floor tiles? The cheapest floor tile?  Whether you are looking for natural stone Portsmouth, or searching for tile shops in hampshire, tile shops fareham, or tiling supplies in Portsmouth, The Tile Tardis inhouse tile experts in our newly refurbished showroom in Waterlooville handpick our many tiles from across the globe making ours the most extensive selection of any tiles shop anywhere, with options you will find nowhere else that keep us ‘on trend’ with new designs without sacrificing our wide selection of traditional tiles.   Our inhouse tiles experts easily help you order your priorities to make sense of outdoor / indoor, elegant, sleek, modern, traditional or rustic, splashy colours or soothing brush-finished textures and myriad other variables in the most productive fashion to bring your vision to reality.

Your Local Tile Shop

The Tile Tardis is your local tile shop!  Established in Waterlooville over 40 years ago, in addition to being passionate about the on-going quality and competitive pricing of our products and services, The Tile Tardis emphasizes customer service during each step to realize your project.

Tiles Showroom FAQ’s

Which is the best tile for flooring?

Most experts recommend ceramic tiles for indoor floors and walls, whereas heavily travelled areas indoors -- be they hallways in your home or the kitchen of your restaurant -- will fare better with porcelain tiles, which cannot be as easily chipped or scratched.

What is the cheapest floor tile?

Least expensive are vinyl tiles, but quite frankly ceramic tiles can be found at every price level so while you can make a floor something quite incredible if you spare no expense, you can just as easily go for clean and beautiful and stay within a careful budget.

Is vinyl flooring better than tile?

Vinyl is significantly less expensive than other tiles, but stone and ceramic tiles resist wear & tear much better than vinyl that will need to be replaced sooner, depending on the volume of foot traffic. Thus you may consider a combination of vinyl where you expect less traffic, and tile in areas with most foot traffic

What are the different types of tiles?

Sometimes new tiling materials become available, but the most popular are: Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile, Glass Tile, Cement Tile, Mosaic Tile, Granite Tile, Limestone Tile, Travertine Tile, Quarry Tile, Metal Tile, Resin Tile

Our customers love what we do

We have been committed to providing quality workmanship for the past 30 years. Our customer testimonials speak for themselves.


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